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Load Places (version Lite and Pro)

An application that helps you use your POI file type KML, GPX and CSV Garmin with Google Navigator, Google Maps and StreetView.

Location with gps and network and you can see places near you. Where leave POI files: POI files that are supported are copied into the folder "com.dmartmor.loadplaces" in the sd card. Download POI files from Dropbox:

Enter configuration and log into Dropbox. Dropbox files are in the "applications\loadplaces" folder Dropbox. The application performs the following functions:

- Integration with Google geolocation applications like Google Maps, Google Navigator and Street View.

- Use directly in the application POI files that have on Dropbox.

- Share a direction we will go with other people or the address where you are at that time.

- Save the places that interest you bookmarked.

Google Play version Lite - Google Play version Pro

Your Turn!

Two or more children want play with only one mobile, this is your application. Share your mobile with the children. Select a game or an application, set time by turn (between 1 to 30 minutes turn) and playing!. Warn your children with a sound or/and saying the name.

How to play:

1-Config time between turn and warning.

2-Add players.

3-Select application or game.

4-Finally stop application

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OnlineList is an application inspired by the Windows application OffLineList, where you can see the list of games from different consoles. OnlineList is an application inspired in windows application “OffLineList”( You can download the list of videogames of different consoles, see images of videogames (that download from external websites), know the distribution and the languages of videogame. With OnLineList in your mobile you can download images of your favorite’s videogames and set as wallpaper or play with the game "What game is it?" where you must guess his name.

With the application you can:

- Download the list of videogames of different consoles.

- Update the list of consoles PSP and Nintendo DS (long press name).

- Search the name of a videogame.

- Download and cache the images of videogames.

- Set images of videogames as wallpaper.

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